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    How to extract nested list data from a GeoJSON file in each key into dataframe

    I have a GeoJSON file with multiple keys. I want to extract the name and coordinates. I can access each of the elements, but I do not know how to loop over them to add them into a dataframe or another appropriate format maybe like dict. I want the name with the corresponding coordinates...
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    How to Ajax coll Database in MVC C#

    Ok, I think that you already have a DbContext and can retrieve your entities from it. So you need to create a controller action that returns a result as JSON. This action will handle the AJAX request from the client-side and return the search results as JSON data. public class...
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    Ajax success data show undefind

    I return a array object data Ajax success result then i print li tag but its show undefind My Ajax code is $.ajax({ 'method': 'GET', 'url': base_url +'party/selectCities?id='+state, success: function(data) { var newData = data.replace(/\"/g, "")...
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    Postgres:- No unique constraint in on conflict do update

    It was my mistake, i created constraints on revaluation_of_table but use revaluation_of_table_test while inserting
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    Can union be initialized in initializer-list? and how?

    union value { int i; bool j; }; class Json { public: Json(int i): m_value.i(i) {};//error m_value.i = i; //correct private: value m_value; }; Can a union be initialized in initializer-list? If so, how? If not, why not?
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    PayPal Rest API Live and sandbox payment not captured

    You are missing the capture step. When redirecting away from your site to PayPal (not recommended), the order you created must have a return_url so that the payer can be redirected back after approving the payment. Then you need to capture the payment with another API call. Rather than...
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    getting an error while trying to pick a directory using expo document picker in react-native

    hay guys, i am making a react native app with expo and i am using "expo document picker" module to access the folder in the device by clicking on the button in my app , i am getting this error in my terminal -- LOG [Error: Encountered an exception while calling native method: Exception...
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    Navigate one fragment to another fragment using nav graph in android jetpack library

    Both versions back to the same navController navigate() function that takes in an integer resource id whether it's a fragment id or an action id. Internally it calls this navigate() version where it examines whether it's an action id or not. If it's an action id, then it gets the destination...
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    Unable to display image in html flask

    I'm trying to render an image in html in flask, the path is pointing to the correct file but its not rendering some how. #VIEWS @inventory_bp.route("/show") def show_image(): id = 3 image = Images.query.get(id) upload_folder = app.config['UPLOAD_FOLDER'] image_path =...
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    How to use xpath or css locator to find text in non-identifiable html tags?

    The following xpath will extract all text as an entity. //p//text()