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Optical Amplifier Market Share, Size, Future Demand, and Emerging Trends

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Feb 13, 2023
They play a crucial role in optical telecommunication and data information as they can be easily used in long-distance optical fiber components as repeater circuits. The rising number of smart cities and smart homes due to the increasing infrastructure investments; technological enhancements in wireless sensors and rapid development of data centers are the primary reasons the demand for optical amplifiers is growing worldwide. In addition, the surging need for fiber optics (or optical networking) for the development of next-generation telecommunication networks will propel their demand in the coming years.

These are also the reasons single-mode optical amplifiers find wider usage compared to multi-mode variants. Single-mode variants can cater to the rising demand for higher bandwidths and long-distance communication, as they can eliminate signal loss. The increasing bandwidth requirements are a direct result of the rising number of people getting connected to the internet.
This is driving the traffic on online shopping, gaming, news, video streaming, and banking websites and social media platforms. In addition, the adoption of wearable medical devices, digital personal assistants, and autonomous and connected vehicles is creating a strong need for better internet connectivity.

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In the coming years, the APAC region is expected to be the dominant optical amplifier market globally. It is attributed to the increasing usage of the internet and smartphones and growing broadband user base. The affordable data plans, improving device capabilities, and inclination toward data-concentrated content are also driving the growth in the usage of optical amplifiers in this region. China is the largest user of such instruments in the APAC region, due to its increasing number of fixed broadband subscribers. In the same vein, India is expecting to add around 500 million smartphones users by 2025.

Hence, the development of next-generation telecommunication networks will propel the demand for optical amplifiers in the coming years.